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Wright Profemur® Z

The Profemur® Z hip stem is an ideal implant for surgery that is minimally invasive, causing less trauma to the surrounding tissue, according to its manufacturer Wright Medical Technology, Inc. Traditional hip implants have fixed necks and provide the surgeon only restricted ability to maneuver them into place.

The Profemur® system has a series of six interchangeable modular necks.

The hip is a ball and socket joint. The femur or thigh bone is topped by a ball-shaped bone that fits into and rotates within a hollow in the pelvis. The neck is near the top portion of a femoral implant that connects the stem of the implant with the head, or ball. The stem of the implant is inserted into the femur.

Advantages of the Profemur® Z hip stem over the traditional fixed neck implant include the fact that it is:

  • Streamlined
  • Easier to insert
  • Made to minimize stretching of surrounding soft tissue
  • Simpler to implant, based on fit and fixation
  • More maneuverable

The system has a patented stem technology. The stems are dual tapered and made of a titanium-alloy material. Profemur® Z stems can be fitted with six different necks that are available in two lengths. The surgeon can choose a Profemur® modular neck to suit individual patients in terms of the length of their legs and how much offset there is. The technology allows the surgeon to be more flexible in restoring normal hip mechanics and motion.

Surgeons implanting the stems use an instrument that is the same size as the stem to compact the bone. Using this technique, in contrast to traditional stem implantation, the surgeon does not need to ream and remove bone, thus conserving the bone.

Wright Hip Implant Failure Rate

Australia , unlike the United States, has a registry that follows the failure rate of hip and knee implants. Patients whose implants fail need further surgery, called revision surgery, to repair or replace an implant. This is expensive and painful for patients. Recovery from revision surgery can be extensive, also interrupting their normal daily lives, such as being able to go to work.

Compiled by the Australian Orthopaedic Association, Australia's registry shows in a 2009 report that the Wright Profemur® Z femoral had an unacceptably high rate of revision surgery. Three years after having hip replacement surgery, 11.2 percent of patients who had a Wright Profemur® Z implant needed revision surgery.

According to the registry, the femoral neck of the Wright Profemur® Z hip system fractured and broke in the patients, causing pain and potentially resulting in permanent physical damage.

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